Saturday, May 25, 2013

Funny experience

(Note: I posted this to my Facebook wall a few weeks ago, and people really seemed to get a kick out of it, s I thought I share it with you).

A woman I dated years ago called me yesterday; as soon as I picked up the phone, she started screaming at me. Well, not *me*, exactly. Apparently, she never deleted me from her contacts. And, also, she currently seems to be living with someone who is also called Alex.

Anyway, I couldn't get a word in edge wise, and when I managed to, she'd just scream, "STFU!", etc. and keep ranting. So, I proceeded (trying as hard as I could not to crack up laughing) to let her vent/shriek/overshare-information about their sex life and financial situation, etc. at top decibel-level for five or six minutes.

When she finally finished, I explained her mistake to her.

Her: "Why didn't you say something?"

Me: "Cause you wouldn't let me."

Her: "Why didn't you just hang up?"

Me: "You would've called me back a second later, and been even angrier this time; besides, you annoyed me by not letting me talk and cursing at me, so I figured I would annoy you back by embarrassing you."

She hung up the phone.

Cut to two hours later:

She calls me back, crying and obviously shitfaced, and asks to know my advice about all her problems.

Me: "If you want my advice about Alex, it's that he neither likes getting a lot of distracting phone calls, nor does he particularly like being yelled at for no apparent reason."

Her: "But I haven't called him back yet; and, anyway, HE KNOWS the reason I was mad."

...and then I laughed. And then I hung up the phone.

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